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The garden tool box is the perfect gift for the heirloom gardener in your life. Those loving the Fort de Chartres Jardin Portager will love this handy box. This garden tool box was designed and crafted by the artisan to be used as a historic interpretation tool in The Fort de Chartres Jardin Portager.

The tool box door opens to reveal two removal trays to be used for garden gloves, smaller tools and heirloom seed packets. The bottom storage compartment is designed and sized to carry reproduction garden tools. Hearts top the tall sides of the box designed to dry wet mocasins after a long day in the Jardin and the slope of the box side fits well against the body while carrying to and from working areas.

The box is constructed using historic techniques from poplar wood and it is painted with an oil based paint in an iron oxide red color. The hardware is forged iron and the handle is hand turned from cherry wood.

The box is 20 1/2 " long, 12" wide and 23: tall and weighs 10 lbs.

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