Colonial Spatula


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Colonial Period, Hand Forged cooking spatulas are patterned and reproduced from originals. Assembled with Copper Rivets and finished with traditional hot oil & beeswax.

Cooking Utensils of this type were used all throughout the Colonies and the Illinois Country. These would have been made by and purchased from the local Blacksmith or purchased from a Merchant in a larger Town or Settlement. The style of these particular pieces make them appropriate for the Commoner's Cabin Kitchen all the way up the Hearth in the Governor's Mansion.

The Colonial ladle is Hand-Forged from mild steel, assembled with copper rivets and finished properly with Hot Beeswax. This finish was used on practically all cookware in the 17th & 18th Centuries to season the metal and prevent rust & corrosion.

Product Dimensions - 17" long x 4" wide

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