Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat Seed


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Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat Seed Packet.
This packet of heritage wheat seed contains approximately .65 oz of wheat, estimated to plant a 4'x6' plot. 
Illinois Country Harvest Heritage Farm and Gardens grows this
heritage grain locally.
It is part of The Les Amis du Fort de Chartres Heritage Wheat Revival Project.
The Seed to Loaf project explores and celebrates the important French Colonial wheat history of the region and creates discussion and educational opportunities for area residents and tourists visiting the many historic and scenic sites to learn about the region’s wheat history. From collection and analysis of flotation samples from the French Colonial Cahokia Wedge site, 
the grains of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) were identified from early eighteenth-century deposits. These bread wheat grain samples represent the earliest records for this introduced grain crop in the Mississippi River Valley. To represent this history, we have chosen the heritage wheat variety of Rouge de Bordeaux, a famous French wheat variety from late eighteenth-century to early nineteenth-century French Colonial history.